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November Legislative Update

Posted 11 months ago by Falynn Chapman

Legislative Update – November 2017

With the 2017 Texas Legislature out of session we are now in the POLICY SEASON.  

TNA has recently empaneled it’s Policy Council to discuss issues important to nurses and set out committees to do the deep dive work on policy development.  The TNA policy committees will be:

  • Workplace Advocacy
  • Nursing Education
  • APRN
  • Regulatory
  • Maternal Mortality & Morbidity

Work will begin immediately to develop these policies.  TNA will incorporate these policies into the TNA Policy Book which will be released prior to the next legislative session.  Any of you can offer to be part of this discussion by going to http://bit.lu/2yehnpc to fill out a form and become an expert advisor to one of these committees.

There are also several legislative campaigns going on.  If there is anyone in your individual districts running for election, you are encouraged to contact them to assist in their campaign.  In any case be sure you know your legislator.  Offer to be a nursing expert for them.  Remember they have a tremendous amount of medical legislation they need to know about and you can assist them.  They love to follow the advice of their constituents, especially EXPERTS like us!

Rulemaking Update

Texas Medical Board – Applicants for licensure are no longer required to pass the jurisprudence exam within three attempts. There will be an expedited licensure process for out-of-state psychiatrists.  Proposed telemedicine rules have been presented by TMA.  TNA and other nursing groups have submitted comments regarding certain aspects of the rule language.

Department of State Health Services – DSHS has proposed rules which require schools to screen students for abnormal spinal curvature at ages 10 and 12 for females and 13 or 14 for males.

Department of Aging and Disability Services- DADS has proposed rules as a result of an HHSC Medicaid Bed Allocation Audit.  The rules would give additional time to nursing facilities with pending applications to comply with licensure requi4ements.  They would also allow facilities to request informal review regarding Medicaid bed allocations, and allow a facility to contest de-allocated beds.  They have also proposed rules that allow residents with ICF/IID to use a wheelchair self-release belt in certain circumstances.

ADOPTED RULES:  Health and Human Services Commission – HHSC has adopted new reimbursement rates for the Medicaid Home Health Program, early periodic screening diagnosis, and treatment, and family planning services.

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November 2017 Legislative Report

Joanne D. Oliver, BSN, RN, CNOR


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