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Legislative Update for March - Joanne Oliver

Posted 9 months ago by Falynn Chapman

AORN Greater Houston
March 2018 Legislative Report
Joanne D. Oliver, BSN, RN, CNOR

Critical issues that should be considered in Texas Legislature 2019

  1. Undo School Funding Cuts

$5.36 billion cut last session causing overcrowding and poor conditions. 

  1. Reform School Testing

With test scores tied to performance many schools have become nothing but test prep classes limiting actual education time.

  1. Reduce Wrongful Convictions

Use more scientific evidence like DNA testing instead of “snitch” testimony.

  1. End Tax Diversions

Budget money must be used for what it is intended instead of diverting to other items necessary.

  1. Institute Voter-Day Registration

Increases voter turnout. Already working successfully in several states.

  1. Expand Medicaid

This would provide healthcare to 1.5 million folks and save public hospitals and local governments millions.

  1. Close the Structural Deficit

Texas spends $10 Billion more that they take in. Regulation of business tax should fix this for future years.

  1. Put Air Conditioning in Prisons

Prisoners are dying with temperatures rising to 130 degrees in summer months. Human decency and humane treatment is of issue.

  1. Re-Regulate College Tuition

Tuitions have skyrocketed causing many families to not be able to send there kids to college.




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